I have been watching anime for about a year, and am still fairly new to it. This blog is for me to give my thoughts both on full series from the past as well as shows from the current season that I am watching. I will focus mostly on slice-of-life and healing type shows, but since I watch other things as well I may provide my thoughts on different genres from time to time. I aim to update it daily according to the shows that are listed on my main page which I’m watching throughout the week. In addition to reviewing anime I will try to give some insight into what makes the shows interesting to me.

I’m a bit older than the typical anime demographic, and most of my experience with fiction comes from reading novels rather than watching movies or television. As an undergraduate in university I majored in literary studies, but these days I don’t read a lot of novels anymore, because I honestly just don’t feel the same interest in them that I used to. Maybe this will change once I get tired of anime, who knows?

Also, recommendations are welcome! I’m always looking for good shows to watch.


7 thoughts on “About

    1. heartstm Post author

      Sure, I’d love some suggestions. Right now I am planning a daily post on the shows that I have listed in my “current viewing regimen” in the sidebar, which are 5 currently airing shows and 2 previously aired shows. The Non Non Biyori review was something I wrote as kind of a warm-up but depending how involved I get in this blog, I might post a few more full reviews of some of my favourites that I’ve already seen (like Azumanga Daioh, Yuyushiki, Sora No Woto).

      As it stands I have a lot of things to say about the shows I’m watching on a weekly basis, but eventually I’ll get caught up on them and my updates will be more of “this week’s episode” than general things.

      I’m also watching a lot more anime than I plan on covering here, because I want to keep the blog’s focus on slice-of-life and healing anime.


      1. appropriant

        I probably should have asked if you had a MAL profile or anything of the like so that I don’t suggest anything you’ve already watched, but here’s a few things I personally enjoyed:

        Wandering Son
        Honey & Clover
        Uchouten Kazoku
        Silver Spoon
        Tamako Market


  1. Moonlitasteria

    Like the site and looking forward to more your articles. Not sure if I can really give you any slice-of-life/iyashikei recommendations that you haven’t already seen and I know of plenty since it is a favorite genre of mine. ^^


    1. heartstm Post author

      Actually I’m pretty new to anime, so recommendations are welcome. But between Aria, Mushishi, and everything airing this season I probably have plenty for the time being.



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